Film Making


Good cinematography does not stem from one person alone, but from collaboration - most importantly between a cinematographer and director.  I attempt to imbue my work with expressive, elegant, natural images.  In that pursuit I generally like to work fast and light, steering clear of huge set-ups in favor of a stream-line approach that gives actors and director time and room to work.  I often light with a big brush, eschewing detail work and keeping the big picture in mind.  And, be it a feature or a commercial - I strive to suffuse my images with mood and tone befitting the work.  I do my homework but stop at planning out every last detail.  Creative space requires adaptability and room to breathe, it’s from such an open place that good work is born.



Please see imdb for specific resume/credits.  Please see my narrative reel for examples of my work.   Commercial examples available upon request.